Please help take action against some extreme cruelty!

Recently, I just read some shocking news.

  • The first form of animal cruelty I read about was an animal experimenter at Colorado State University, Gregory Ebel, who is getting away with murder, and the U.S. government is knowingly letting him because the career bureaucrats in charge apparently can't be bothered to do their jobs. He has been illegally capturing healthy wild birds for deadly and worthless West Nile virus experiments for more than a decade. He isn't working on a vaccine or treatment.
  • The second was an eyewitness exposé of geese abused and murdered for Canada Goose jackets. The worker's carelessly grabbed them by the necks, the geese struggling with their weight hanging. Some worker's stepped on other geese in order to grab an individual. They were crammed into tight cages, panicked and injuring themselves attempting to escape. A few even died of suffocation. Then they watched other geese get shackled and killed.

We wouldn't do this to fellow humans, so what makes this right for us to tortured animals? These birds deserve freedom, not cruelty.

To take action, check out these links below:

Thank you!

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