Dogfighting is an abusive practice involving two dogs fighting until one can't hold much longer.


Dogfighting is a bloody battle between two dogs, usually pit bulls, fighting until one can't fight much longer. People watchin will wager big money on the outcome. The fights usually last one to two hours and end with dogs repeatedly subjected to severe injury and sometimes prolonged death.

Dogs chained up for dogfighting.


Dogfighting is considered a felony in all states of the U.S. while in 55 countries, dogfighting is banned to some extent. Dogfighters find refuge in countries with no or weak dogfighting laws, causing an increase in dogfighting activities and breeding facilities in many countries, notably Mexico, India and parts of Eastern Europe. Dogs are being imported from the U.S. for dogfighting operations worldwide.

Dogfighting is not only cruel, it is also associated with other violent behaviors and criminal activities. Children that are present at dogfights promote insensitivity to animal suffering, enthusiasm for violence, and disrespect for the law.

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  • Dogfighting by Humane Society International.
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