Bird Obsession Bird Obsession 12 October 2019

Save the Birds!

Please help take action against some extreme cruelty!

Recently, I just read some shocking news.

  • The first form of animal cruelty I read about was an animal experimenter at Colorado State University, Gregory Ebel, who is getting away with murder, and the U.S. government is knowingly letting him because the career bureaucrats in charge apparently can't be bothered to do their jobs. He has been illegally capturing healthy wild birds for deadly and worthless West Nile virus experiments for more than a decade. He isn't working on a vaccine or treatment.
  • The second was an eyewitness exposé of geese abused and murdered for Canada Goose jackets. The worker's carelessly grabbed them by the necks, the geese struggling with their weight hanging. Some wo…
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Birds Forever Birds Forever 25 August 2019

Appearances can be Decieving

A cute puppy stares at you through the window with his adorable eyes. You feel you want to buy it really bad, but you shouldn't. The cute puppy you want to buy has an ugly history.

First, the animal is born in an inhumane animal mill, where sicknesses and neglect ravage the pets.

Next, they are quickly taken away from their mothers and shipped to the pet store. The transportation can be exteremely stressful and sometimes ends up in the death of the pet.

At the pet store, the animals are not treated well. Some animals who had severe sickness were left untreated and soon died.

You may think you are saving the animal when buying it, but this is not true. You are simply giving more money to this cruel industry.

So, in the future, always adopt, don'…

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Birds Forever Birds Forever 31 July 2019

What Really Happens to Male Chicks in the Factory Farm Industry

Lots of people know the tragic stories of female chickens in the factory farm industry. They are cramped in wire cages with many other females, deprived of much needed food and water and are neglected, laying eggs until their death. Many people don't know what happens to male chicks though. In reality, male chicks, which prove no use the factory farm industry, are treated just as worse as the females. Right after hatching, hundereds of millions are put onto a conveyter belt into a machine that grinds them into bits or gassed up, alive. They have no choice but to take that horrible death without having a chance at life.

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Birds Forever Birds Forever 13 July 2019

Surprizing Animal Cruelty

During my walk this morning to the marketplace (I'm in China currently, on a vacation, where almost no one cares about the welfare of animals), I witnessed a lot of animal cruelty, in public. First were the exotic birds for sale, all mynas, kept in filthy cages and in horrible condition. Their plummage was dirty and unkept, and they were all clambering and screeching, trying to get to freedom. The water was yellow with dust particles in it. There was only one perch and little flight room. I have never seen worse livng conditions for a captive bird ever. I hope these birds find their freedom, where they belong.

The second was fish and other aquatic creatures for sale. They were kept in crowded bins with little water. Some were injured and si…

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